Mega Bloks Ghostly Gossip Column & Spectra Vondergeist

The playset has 84 pieces that creates a newspaper club office and a Spectra figure.

The office is a smoky black with lavender skull candles, a pink picture, and a turquoise desk lamp. The wall has a clip that allows Spectra to “float” while in the office.

The lavender desk has translucent legs and chain accents. It opens to reveal some of Spectra’s articles. Office accessories include a purple laptop and a pink camera.

Spectra Vondergeist
Spectra has long purple hair with lavender highlights. She has blue eyes, blue eyeshadow, purple lips, pale skin, and translucent hands and forearms.

Her outfit has a cropped purple vest over a plum colored top with chain graphics. The matching skirt has a plum layer and a longer black layer.

She accessorizes with a silver bracelet and a pink iCoffin. On her feet are violet pumps.

  • Model Number:
  • DLB79
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