Mega Bloks Monster Moviemobile & Clawdeen Wolf

The playset has 301 pieces that create a Monster Moviemobile and a Clawdeen Wolf figure.

Monster Moviemobile
The luxury vehicle is black and purple with a wrought iron cutout roof, lime green windshield, batty webbed grill, orange lights, and wheels with pink filigree rims. Additional accents include burning candles, translucent spiderwebs, a green skull hood ornament, and purple skeletal arms. The roof opens to create a movie screen that can display two different scenes.

The interior has magenta front seats, a purple coffin-shaped table, and pink and magenta back seats. Party accessories include tall blue glasses and a green skull candle.

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen has long brown hair with light brown highlights. She has brown skin, yellow eyes with purple shadow, and fanged red lips.

Her outfit features a peach tiger striped top with black sleeves. Complementing the top is a layered purple skirt with irregular hems.

She accessorizes with a pink scarf, a black iCoffin phone, and a red and black purse. On her feet are black knee high peep toe boots.

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