Mega Bloks Vamptastic Room & Draculaura

The Vamptastic Room playset has 128 pieces that creates a bedroom with a coffin, shelves, desk, makeup chair, and a Draculaura figure.

The black bedroom has a central coffin that folds open to reveal a place for Draculaura to hang and sleep. The coffin is topped with pink accents, a candle, and a Skullette.

On the left are shelves with gray bricks and translucent webs. The shelves hold a variety of colored bottles.

To the right is a white desktop with translucent webs and a gray wrought iron back. On the desk is a laptop, skull candle, a heart mirror, and makeup. The chair is black, sits on a pedestal, and has a wrought iron back and a magenta cushion.

Draculaura has black hair worn in pigtails with streaks of pink. She has a pale pink complexion with lavender eyes, pink shadow, fanged red lips, and a heart on her cheek.

Her red turtleneck has white stitching, white buttons, and purple sleeves. The outfit is completed by a white skirt over purple shorts.

She accessorizes with a white scarf, white wrist cuffs, and a black iCoffin phone. On her feet are pink knee high boots with silver heels and black laces.

Count Fabulous, Draculaura’s pet bat, is also included. His is black with a pink bow on his head and pink hearts on his chest.

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