Mega Construx Aqua-Batic Diving & Lagoona Blue

Aqua-Batic Diving has 73 pieces that create a diving board, aquarium, trophy display, and a Lagoona Blue figure.

The blue diving board has translucent blue spiderweb rails and a black base. Next to the board is a chartreuse clothes rod with a white hangar.

The aquarium has blue glass, a bluish-black case with coral pink accents, and a translucent blue spiderweb on the top. Inside the tank are three coral pink fish and a green water plant.

The back of the rotating aquarium has a coral pink stand that holds a gold Skullette trophy. Behind the stand is a picture of Lagoona and two gold award ribbons.

Lagoona Blue
Lagoona has yellow-blonde hair with turquoise streaks that is held in a high ponytail with a pink band. She has pale turquoise skin, green eyes, purple eyebrows, purple eyeshadow, pink lips, and freckles. On her calves are turquoise fins.

Her one-piece swimsuit is black with a magenta Monster High emblem on the chest. Over the suit is a light blue cropped vest and a pink skirt. She accessorizes with blue swim goggles and blue wedges.

  • Model Number:
  • DYC71
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