Mega Construx Chomping Chewlian & Venus McFlytrap

This playset has 60 pieces that create a Venus McFlytrap figure and Chewlian, her pet Venus flytrap.

Chewlian is green with yellow-green accents and leaves, white teeth, a pink mouth, and orange roots. His leaves move and his mouth can open and close.

With Chewlian is a purple watering can and a section of purple wrought iron fence. Next to the fence is a translucent green skull on a black pole.

Venus McFlytrap
Venus has bright pink hair with green streak highlights. She has light green skin, blue eyes, pink shadow, and red prickly lips.

Her cropped blue vest is over a black top with a green ivy print. They are complemented by a pink skirt with black shorts.

She accessorizes with a silver multi-bangle bracelet and a green iCoffin. On her feet are pink sneakers with green vine laces that go up her legs.

  • Model Number:
  • DYL01
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