Mega Construx Monsterific Booster Pack & Clawdeen Wolf

The Monsterific Booster Pack has 148 pieces that create a chair, coffee table, TV, fireplace, and a Clawdeen Wolf figure.

The swirly black chair has a high back, purple armrests, and a magenta cushion. With the chair is a coffin-shaped coffee table that is black with a magenta top and a purple base.

For entertainment, there is a flat screen TV with a Monster High scene on the screen. It sits on a black and gray stand with a magenta top.

The fireplace is swirly black and gray with purple accents and a white Skullette on the chimney. Protruding from one side is a creepy black tree with magenta sprouts.

Room decorations include skull candles, a flask, remote, and more.

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen has wavy brown hair with streaks of chartreuse. Her brown complexion is complemented by yellow eyes, purple eyeshadow, and red fanged lips.

She is wearing a black top with jagged green stripes and a green double-layer skirt. Accessories consist of a pink multi-bangle bracelet and purple pumps with black knee highs.

  • Model Number:
  • DYC72
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