Minis Codes

Monster High Minis are small figures randomly packaged in “blind boxes” – boxes that do not reveal what is inside. Luckily, there is a code to find out which figure is in a box.

On the bottom of the box, above the barcode, is an embossed string of numbers and letters. The last 3 characters reveal which figure is inside.

Each figure from Season 1 – Wave 1 has multiple possible codes, but subsequent waves have only one code per character. Season 1 – Wave 2 has character codes that begin with “B”. Season 1 – Wave 3 codes begin with “C”, and so on.

Exclusive figures are from 3-packs and the collector case. They do not have a code, but are listed with the item’s model number.

Click here for a spreadsheet of all the mini codes. Credit goes to TheFuzz from for creating the spreadsheet.

Season 1 (78)

Exclusives (6)

Halloween (6)

Wave 1 (12)

Wave 2 (B) (18)

Wave 3 (C) (18)

Wave 4 (D) (18)

Season 2 (67)

Exclusives (13)

Wave 1 (E) (18)

Wave 2 (F) (18)

Wave 3 (G) (18)

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