Monster Family Fangelica

Fangelica has wavy purple hair with streaks of black that is pulled to the back. She has pink skin, magenta eyebrows, purple eyes with pink shadow, and fanged deep red lips.

Her sleeveless turquoise top is complemented by a pink wrap that holds the bat wings on her back. Her black trimmed skirt is purple with a print of black winged hearts, confetti, streamers, and little white hearts. On her feet are black sandals with bat wing accents.

Baking accessories consist of a light blue hand mixer with skeletal beaters and a purple bowl. The dripping pink monster cake rests on a light purple pedestal.

The doll is about 5.5 inches tall.

From the box:

The kitchen is a fangtastic place for Dracula and his two daughters to bond while whipping up a tasty bites from traditional to Drac's fave - vegetarian.

  • Model Number:
  • FCV68
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