Monster Family Vampire Kitchen with Dracula & Draculaura

The Vampire Kitchen has a stove, a counter with a sink and mini-fridge, two chairs, and lots of accessories. Cooking in the kitchen is Draculaura and her father, Dracula.

The four-burner stove has a pink top with silver knobs and a backdrop with spooky images. Above the stove is a cabinet with a pink webbed door and winged heart handle.

The stove rests on a black oven with pink feet, a purple door, and a blue web-cracked window. Inside are silver shelves with cutouts.

The counter is pink with pyramid studs along the edges, It has a gargoyle faucet and a bubble-filled sink.

Over the counter is a blue arch with hooks and a black webbed hook. Hanging from the hook is a pink chandelier detailed with bats and spiders.

A yellow work area with a black pedestal pulls out and the counter sits on a gray mini-fridge. The fridge has black claw feet, a translucent blue door, and black shelves.

The chairs have black wrought iron legs and pink tufted seats. The backs are designed to look like stylish flames.

Cooking accessories consist of a black towel with hearts, a yellow oven mitt, a blue cookbook, a purple frying pan, a silver pot with green goo, a purple mixer with tentacle beater, and utensils. There is also a pink cookie sheet, a yellow cupcake pan, a red bowl with wiggly food, a monstrous cake, and a rack with ice cream cones.

Draculaura has long black hair with pink highlights. She has a pink complexion with purple eyes, light blue shadow, fanged red lips, and a heart on her cheek.

Her sleeveless dress has wavy pink lines decorated with a bat cupcake print. It has a frilly white collar and a black waist. She completes the look with a red and white chef’s hat and red pumps with bow accents.

Dracula has pink skin, purple eyes behind black glasses, and fanged lips. His molded black hair is combed back on top.

He is wearing a red print shirt with white and red pinstripe sleeves and collar. The shirt is complemented by black pants and shoes. Protecting his outfit is a black apron with a wide purple collar.

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  • FCV75
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