Monster Maker Machine

The Monster High Monster Maker creates scary-cool ghouls by designing fantastic features that can be added to blank bodies. It has an assortment of eyes, mouths, skin textures, and decals to create unique dolls.

Place parts into the machine and designs can be printed onto dolls’ heads, torsos, arms, and legs.

There are three blank bodies, one purple, one blue, and one pale gray. They can be designed with a purple plastic wig, a turquoise plastic wig, or a black & blonde wig made of hair.

For fashion, there are three different dresses and three pairs of shoes. Three doll stands are also included.

With the Monster Maker machine are 9 colored markers, a sponge, a tool stand, and various adapters.

The Monster Maker machine requires 6 AA batteries. It uses pre-designed icons from the downloadable software or App to create the ghouls. Unfortunately, the App and software are no longer available.

  • Model Number:
  • ‎BLT07
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