Music Class Ari Hauntington

Ari has long wavy purple hair with highlights. She has pale and translucent skin, pink and magenta eyeshadow, and purple lips.

She is wearing a sleeveless lavender dress with light purple trim. The front features a keyboard neckline and a sheet music and chain print. The bottom of the dress has a white stripe with pink music notes above a violet keyboard.

Accessories begin with a keyboard-brimmed purple hat with chain accents. On her wrists are wide bracelets with chains; one is lavender an the other is magenta. Her tall boots are translucent pink and embellished with chains, piano keys, and treble clef heels.

She plays a pink piano on a silver chain stand with a purple chain stool. The piano has chain accents, a purple microphone, and magenta sheet music on a black Skullette stand. The piano can be transformed into a keytar.

Ari lacks articulation at her elbows and wrists.

From the box:

Ari has monster skills on the piano, but when she really wants to impress, she converts it into a keytar and jams! Personal Monstra: I rock! I use my music to inspire monsters to be themselves! And if it makes them want to dance too, even better! Killer Style: Boohemian Rocker. When I'm belting out pop ballads under hot stage frights, I like to wear cool, gauzy fabrics that float around me, while still looking shriek and modern. Monster Quirk: I can turn solid, but not for long. When I try to blend in with normies, there's always a ghost of a chance that I'll spook-out and be discovered.

  • Model Number:
  • DVH62
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