Music Festival Abbey Bominable

Abbey is ready to have fun at the festival with her hip sixties style. It begins with her straight white hair, pink and blue streaks, and blunt bangs. Wrapped around head is a black headband scarf decorated with beaded lines. Her groovy getup features a peasant top with a purple & light blue gradient, bell sleeves, and a serrated hem. Completing the outfit is a purple & light blue splattered miniskirt with a frayed hem.

Translucent accessories consist of a blue snowflake earring, a purple ice crystal earring, and a blue icicle belt. On her feet are translucent blue knee-high boots made of dripping ice. Purple diamond-studded straps adorn the insteps and ankles. Around Abbey’s neck is a V.I.M. pass that gives her backstage access and pre-concert seating to the Monster High Music Festival.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7695
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