Music Festival Venus McFlytrap

Venus is punk perfection in a concert outfit that accentuates her long pink hair and unique style. She’s wearing a black one-shoulder dress decorated with irregular wedges of pink, purple, and green patterns. The hem is adorned with a black mesh frill. Over the dress is a pink crop top with a jagged hem and a print of light pink skullettes.

The outfit is accessorized with a translucent green ivy earring, a translucent green spiked belt, and a pink studded bracelet. Wrapped around her forearms and calves are green ivy wraps. On her feet are black lace-up booties with folded cuffs and ornate pink soles and heels. Around her neck is a V.I.M. pass that gives Venus backstage access and pre-concert seating to the Monster High Music Festival.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7694
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