New Scaremester Catty Noir

Catty looks ferociously sweet with her long straight pink hair and shimmery dress. The form-fitting silver dress is covered with a random pink design creating a fractured appearance. Highlighting the dress is a crisscrossed black belt with a white buckle and shimmery pink tights with white frill trim. On her feet are dark pink wedges with shiny silver cracked heels.

Accessorizes consist of pink fingerless gloves with with white frill cuffs, three earrings (white, dark pink, and silver), a dark pink choker with “13”, and a dark pink purse. The skullette purse is tufted and held by two white handles. Also included with the doll is a brush, doll stand, Catty’s Scaremester diary, and a dark pink binder.

  • Model Number:
  • BJM43
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