Off-White Electra Melody

Electra Melody has exceptionally long hair, featuring bold orange and black streaks styled into a fin-like mohawk. The shaved sides of her head are adorned with white Off-White emblems against a black backdrop. Her pale complexion is complemented by vibrant orange and pink eyeshadow and black lips.

She is dressed in a form-fitting, mid-length black dress adorned with tulle accents on the single sleeve. A long pink stitch runs up the front of the dress’s skirt, accompanied by the word “DRESS.”

Accessories include Off-White glasses along with eye-catching gold link earrings. Her shoulder is graced by a Burrow 22 bag adorned with a Skullette charm.

Adding to the look, she wears mismatched elbow-length gloves. One glove is black, while the other is a reddish-pink hue, and both feature webbed fingers. Her feet are adorned with strappy black heels, which have a clear outer layer.

Electra is packaged in a window-box display case with a decorative slipcover. Packaging also has a windowed pedestal display for her Burrow 22 bag.

Also included is a doll stand and a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Model Number:
  • HNV17
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