Picnic Casket for 2 Frankie Stein & Jackson Jekyll 2-Pack

Frankie and Jackson are spending the day together. Even ghouls love a romantic picnic when it’s with a handsome manster.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has added a little yellow tint to her black & white streaked hair. She is wearing a sleeveless dress with a black top that has an interlocking pattern of hex nuts. The collar and ribbon belt are yellow and the blue skirt features crisscrossed black and light blue stitches. Over the dress is a cute gray sweater with shimmery pink trim and two bands of black stitches on one sleeve. She accessorizes with yellow lightning bolt earrings and black pumps with pink bolts for heels.

Jackson Jekyll
Jackson is very handsome with his black hair and yellow hairline. He is wearing a sleeveless blue tee with a green neckline and a green yin-yang symbol on top of a blue checkered pattern. Over the tee is a black & gray checkered jacket with two green bands on one arm. His pants are yellow and match his glasses. His black slip-on shoes feature green yin-yang symbols.

For the picnic they have two gooey green cakes on black plates, a blue skullette-topped bottle, a pink skullette-topped bottle, and a silver coffin-shaped basket. Also included with the dolls is a brush and two doll stands.

From the box:

It's a bootiful day for a picnic so Frankie and Jackson have thrown together a casket full of goodies and they're off to find a nice spot that's quiet, shady and music free. Is this just a friendly get together for lunch or is there a real spark in the air between these two fangtastic friends?

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  • BHM97
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