Picture Day Frankie Stein

Frankie is electrifying in her Picture Day wardrobe. She is wearing a lovely dress with black & white diagonal stripes and blue lightning bolts. It is embellished with a yellow collar, a yellow lightning bolt on the chest, and a short overskirt with a patter of black, blue & silver diamonds as well as blue bolts. Over the dress is a blue leatherette jacket with black cuffs, a yellow pocket, and a black and a yellow stripe on one sleeve. Her shoes with black heels and images of nuts are opposites; one is white with a blue toe and the other is blue with a white toe.

Accessories comprise of a blue bracelet, black bracelet, silver screws for earrings, and a yellow belt with nut-shaped grommets and skullette buckle. Her blue & yellow purse has a black flap and a silver safety pin for a handle.

Extras for the doll include a blue binder, black brush, black doll stand, student pictures in the form of stickers, and Frankie’s Fearbook.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7697
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