Picture Day Operetta

Operetta looks stunning for her Fearbook picture. She is wearing a beautiful red dress spotted with black music notes and accentuated with a mesh polka dot over-layer and purple tulle on the trim. Around her waist is a black corset held with white laces and over the dress is a purple & white school jacket with the Monster High logo. On her feet are black fishnet socks under black & white oxford heels detailed with a vertical red stripe on each side.

She accessorizes with a black earring made of dangling records, a red bead bracelet, and a black & red dripping heart-shaped purse. Over one eye is a black heart-shaped mask. There is also a variation where she wears a black spiderweb mask.

Extras for the doll consist of a purple binder, black brush, black doll stand, student pictures in the form of stickers, and Operetta’s Fearbook.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7696
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