Powder Room & Draculaura

This Toys”R”Us exclusive playset features Draculaura and Count Fabulous relaxing in her powder room. The powder room includes a tub, vanity, and a bunch of accessories.

Draculaura has curly black hair with pink highlights that is pulled into a ponytail. She is wearing a short black robe detailed with a pattern of light and dark pink bats and moons. The robe is held closed by a pink ribbon tied around her waist. In her ears are pink or yellow bow earrings and on her feet are black fuzzy monster slippers with bat wings.

Count Fabulous is also wearing a robe. His is pink and matches the bow on his head.

The pink & black slipper tub has black claw feet, a black faucet, and a detachable pink bat wing shelf. The tub is decorated with white scalloped trim, a pink heart-shaped bow, and an animal face with a bow.

The black coffin-shaped vanity has pink doors, a pink spiderweb countertop with a white sink, and a heart-shaped mirror with bat wings. The mirror only has an image of Draculaura’s clothes and earrings since she doesn’t have a reflection.

Accessories consist of a white toothbrush, a white tube of toothpaste, a pink heart-shaped bottle, and a black towel. The towel has a pink image of Draculaura’s crest.

  • Model Number:
  • X4496
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