Rock Candy Draculaura

Draculaura has black and pink streaked hair with blunt bangs and long pigtails. Her pale pink complexion is complemented by magenta eyes, pink eyeshadow, and red lips with fangs. A red heart is on her left cheek and her nails are painted red.

She is wearing a red & white ensemble inspired by her signature outfit. It has a red vest with white stitching, brown sleeves, and flared white cuffs. At her neck is a white jabot held by red hearts. Her tiered skirt has a short white top layer with red stitching, a white middle layer, and a gray under layer. Completing the look are brown tights.

Accessories begin with gray and white safety pin earrings. On her feet are pink lace-up boots with black laces, black straps, and gray hearts. Draculaura’s parasol is black with a gray Skullette top, pink ball accents, and a batty handle. It is held closed by a pink strap with a gray heart buckle.

From the box:

Age: 1,599 Personal Monstra: I soar! I can fly, so I have a bat's eye view of everything. I think that's why I always see the good in the world. Monster Quirk: I can't see my reflection in a mirror, so I always risk looking a little batty. But thanks to centuries of practice, I'm scary-good at applying lip gloss. Biggest Pet Peeve: The lack of vegetarian selections in the Monster High creepateria is so sad.

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  • 11998
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