Room to Howl Bunk Bed & Clawdeen Wolf

This playset includes Clawdeen with purple PJs and her purple & gold bunk bed. Clawdeen’s hair is long, straight and highlighted purple. Her top is white with purple leopard print sleeves, purple scratches on the front, and a ripped waist. The black pants have purple leopard print pockets, a purple hem, and a purple waistband. Her sleep mask is white with purple tiger stripes and her purple fuzzy monster slippers each have yellow eyes, gold ears, and a fanged mouth.

The bunk bed has a gold frame with ornate posts that each have a skull on the top. The back of the bottom bunk features a gold skullette in the frame and strings of hanging translucent purple beads. The bottom bunk also has black swing-out mirror on one post and a sheer black curtain held with a purple bow.

The deep dish purple beds have gold along the edges and the bottom bed also has gold feet. The beds have black tufted mattresses held with purple buttons and each comes with a black & gold leopard print blanket.

There are a variety of accessories for the playset. It has a hair straightener, razor, black brush, and make-up kit. There is also a coffin-shaped mini fridge, a can of Full Moon Energy, and a black & white skullette pillow with pink bow.

  • Model Number:
  • W2577
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