Scaritage Operetta

Operetta is awesome with her big red hair, big bangs, big hair bump, and big ponytail with streaks of black. She is wearing a black top with a magenta collar, a red & white design on the chest, and a magenta bow by the waist. Her white capri pants have checkered pink lines and four black pips in each white square creating a dice-like appearance.

Accessories begin with a white heart-shaped mask that covers one eye, a white music note earring, and a purple lace headband scarf. Around her waist is a belt made of all black dice. On her feet are purple wedges decorated with straps, treble clefs, and white platforms.

Operetta has two bags. Her purse is purple with a music note handle and black piano key accents. The duffel bag is white with spiderwebs and red music note designs.

Included with the doll is a brush and doll stand.

  • Model Number:
  • CBX73
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