Scarnival Clawd Wolf

Clawd has soft and velvety brown hair that is shaved short. Covering his hair is a turquoise cap with holes where his ears poke out.

He is wearing a sleeveless yellow top with faded black lines and dashed white lines. His plaid shorts are teal with bright green lines, black claw marks, and black suspenders. On his feet are brown slip-on loafers.

His carnival fundraiser is the strongman game. The mini high striker is red with a winged bell at the top and the lever is struck with a star etched turquoise mallet. The prize for ringing the bell is a pink flower with a translucent yellow stem.

Clawd does not come with a brush or doll stand.

From the box:

Step fright up, Boos and Ghouls! The school dance has been cancelled, so the student body is putting on a spooktacular fair to raise money. The costumes will be clawesome, the games freaky-fun, and the prizes to die for - but the beast prize will be saving the dance.

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  • CKD70
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