Scarnival Skelita Calaveras

Skelita has wavy black hair with a streak of turquoise. She is wearing a sleeveless dress that complements her skeletal figure. The bodice is orange with a white rose print and a ruffled striped layer that is turquoise, orange, red, black, and white.

The skirt is striped like the ruffles, but also has an orange & white floral print as well as a intermittent flowers and turquoise skullettes. On her feet are red sandal wedges with woven straps.

Her carnival fundraiser is a down-a-clown game with three colorful targets; one orange, one red, and one blue. The targets are knocked over with a masked red ball and the prize is a fuzzy turquoise pinata.

Skelita does not come with a brush or doll stand.

From the box:

Step fright up, Boos and Ghouls! The school dance has been cancelled, so the student body is putting on a spooktacular fair to raise money. The costumes will be clawesome, the games freaky-fun, and the prizes to die for - but the beast prize will be saving the dance.

  • Model Number:
  • CKD69
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