Secret Creepers Crypt & Crescent

The Crypt is a playset for Secret Creepers Pets and Critters. It has lots of places to hide secrets and comes with Crescent, Clawdeen Wolf’s pet cat.

The Crypt features a purple doghouse with a black roof and a Monster High crest with crossbones at the peak. It has a white wrought iron door that can be locked with a key.

Turquoise pipes extend from the doghouse. Connected to one side is a fish tank and on the other side is a pink swing held by a black spider. Below the swing is a green compact that can be used as a pet stool.

Above the doghouse is a black wrought iron throne. Chains with hooks connect the throne to the turquoise pipes.

Two gargoyle statues stand guard. Their columns have compartments that can store secret scrolls.

The final piece of furniture is a chaise lounge chair. It is black with clawed feet and a pink tufted cushion. The base of the chair has a drawer with a secret compartment.

Crescent is purple with a spade-tipped tail and light green eyes with green irises. He is also a motion detector and will “shriek” when anyone comes near.

  • Model Number:
  • BDF06
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