Shriek Wrecked – Nautical Ghouls Dayna Treasura Jones

Dayna has long wavy blonde hair with gold tinsel highlights. Her golden skin is enhanced with light blue eyeshadow, shimmery eyeliner, and red lipstick.

She is wearing a strapless dress with a molded black bodice that features a sweetheart neckline and a gem encrusted front. Around her waist is a shiny gold belt with a Skullette buckle. The long black skirt is decorated with a metallic gold print of Skullettes, hearts, and gems. Beneath the skirt is a sheer black under layer.

The dress can be rotated and transformed into a new look. The alternate version has a shimmery gold neckline with black tulle trim, a shimmery gold waist, and a bodice with light blue and white diagonal stripes. The blue skirt has a treasure map print with octopuses, sailing ships, red “X” marks, dashed lines, and Skullette & crossbones shaped islands.

Accessories begin with a treasure chest headband. It is topped with a blue feather and opens to reveal gold coins. She also has blue swing earrings with green parrots. Painted black gloves cover her hands and on her feet are blue platform booties. The booties have wide cuffs, compass accents, and map etchings with a red “X”. The platform heels can be removed to expose stacks of gold coins.

Dayna does not include a brush or doll stand.

From the box:

I've lived me whole life on the sea. It's me home and, truth be telled, it's me mate. The waves talk to me, and the stars in the sky be me guide. It's a life of adventure and there's treasure to be found! But today I spied treasure that isn't gold - a ship awash with friendly monsters!

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  • DTV93
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