Shriek Wrecked – Shriek Mates Gillington “Gil” Webber

Gil has pale scaly hair with a translucent blue mohawk fin that is hanging to the right. He has dark teal eyebrows, pink eyes, and light blue lips. Translucent blue gills are on his neck and translucent blue fins protrude from his forearms and calves.

He is wearing a sleeveless shirt that is blue and aquamarine striped with a black anchor and red rope graphic. His black board shorts feature a print that has fish skeletons with red and white stars.

Accessories consist of translucent green breathing goggles and a silver chain necklace with a fish hook and shark tooth charm. On one hand is a silver wrist wrap made up of ropes, chains, and a fish hook. His scaly turquoise loafers have silver eyelet patches on the sides. He carries a turquoise duffel bag with a pink netted pouch.

  • Model Number:
  • DTV85
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