Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

Skelita has long black and teal hair that is pulled into pigtails. On the top of her head is a pink, yellow, and green headdress made up of skulls and flowers. Holding her pigtails are hair clips that match the headdress. Her skeletal features are accentuated by light blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick with stitch accents, and flowery sugar skull makeup.

She is wearing an amazing dress that has a sleeveless black bodice decorated with colorful flower outlines, a pink neckline, and a blue crochet ruffle trim. The shiny black skirt features a dense pattern of pink, purple, and blue flowers with green leafy accents. Under the skirt is a sheer white petticoat with an embroidered lace hem made up of sugar skulls and heart designs.

On her feet are decorative pink wedges. They are covered with woven straps and have yellow emblems with “MH” and festive skulls. Skelita comes with her diary and an ornate black stand adorned with Skullettes, flowers, and a sugar skull on the base.

From the box:

I scream to dance among the humans... Every autumn, when there is a bite in the air, the undead are invited by their living familia to cross over to the human world for a monstrous reunion. This spooktacular celebration is Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead - and it is my favorite howliday - filled with bootiful costumes, to-die-for feasts, and, of course, dancing! Ever since I was a bebé, I have attended the reunion with Abuelita - my grandmother - but this year she is unable to make the journey. I am un poco worried that without her, I will not receive my own welcome. But being a hopeful monster, I will dress up, put marigolds in my hair, and wait for my candlelit invitation to appear and guide me to the human world...

  • Model Number:
  • DPH48
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