Skull Shores 5-Pack

This Target exclusive 5-pack features Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile, and a colorized version of Frankie Stein. The other dolls are Draculaura and Ghoulia Yelps who were previously released individually.

Clawdeen’s hair is long, purple, and has a streak of green. She is wearing a green one-piece bathing suit with black tiger stripes and a black waist. Over the suit is a green and purple tiger striped cover up with green and purple flowers. It attaches to her neck with a purple loop and black strap. Her purple sandals and triangle earrings are translucent. Two earrings are green and two are purple.

Cleo has her hair short with blue bangs. Her swimsuit is a a gold one-piece with turquoise straps. Wide-leg and high-waist cover up pants are over the suit. The cover up is brown and yellow with green palm leaves. Her sandals are translucent turquoise with each being supported by an Anubis heel. Her accessories include translucent turquoise wing earrings and a black & turquoise armband.

Frankie is wearing a blue monokini with blue straps, a pattern of clouds & yellow lightning on top, and a blue & white bottom. Over the suit is a blue cover up with the same cloud & lightning pattern. Her shoes are translucent blue with nuts for straps and heels. Her accessories are blue nuts for earrings and a bracelet.

The reissues of Draculaura and Ghoulia lack the tiki glasses and cards found with the individually packaged dolls. Also included with the 5-pack is a black brush.

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