Skullector Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein

This fantastic 2-pack features iconic characters from the Universal monsters: Frankenstein & the Bride of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein has a large flat head with black hair and brown eyes. Neck bolts and silver brackets enhance his green complexion.

He wears a black shirt under a black jacket and pants. The suit is decorated with a foil print made up of lightning bolts. Thick chunky black boots complete his look.

Bride of Frankenstein
The Bride is stunning with her tall black hair adorned with white streaks. Dark eyes, pink shadow, and deep red lips complement her pale white skin.

Her white flowing gown features a layer of crinkle gauze under a sheer fabric overdress giving her a magical mummified appearance. The cape of the dress is made up of wispy and sparkly strips.

She accessorizes with a bracket belt and bandage-wrapped wedge pumps. The clear blue heels are embellished with lab vials, beakers, and ballerinas.

Included with the dolls are two stands and a certificate of authenticity. The packaging is inspired by a scene from The Bride of Frankenstein film.

From the box:

I want friend like me
What does a monster have to do to find a mate? Have her built of course! Dr. Frankenstein was a little hesitant to help, but with his fiance screaming from a deep, dark dungeon, it wasn't too hard to convince him to get with the program.
So a little human heart here, a cadaveric leg there, zap with lightning and BAM! She's alive! Alive! The Bride of Frankenstein! Look at her in all her ghoulish, glam glory! That shocking hair really pops against that chilling, gauzy white gown and did you get a peek at her shoes? Like DR. Pretorious says "science, like love, has her little surprises" and my pale bride is just full of them.
Man, we look so good together, it's causing a real mob in the village. If only she would stop screaming when she sees my handsome mug. I gues it's like Pretorious said (urgh, I really hate quoting that guy), "the heart is more complex than any other part of the body". One day she'll see, dead or alive, we were made for each other!

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