Skulltimate Secrets Fearidescent Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf has curly purple hair with streaks of light and dark. Her tan complexion is enhanced by purple and lavender eyeshadow and sparkly purple lips.

With the doll are multiple articles of clothing. For tops there is a black shirt with a starry print and sheep purple sleeves and a cropped top with a wolf graphic. Complementing them is a animal print skirt with gold accents and shimmery purple shorts.

Accessories feature a furry stole, purple & gold headband, a “HOWL” choker, hoop earrings, a purse, and a snack. Shoes include translucent purple peep-toe platform pumps and furry strapped thigh high boots.

Coffin Container
With Clawdeen is a coffin-shaped locker that has one large door and four locked compartments. The inside of the door is decorated with a “Stay Pawsitive” mirror and a variety of accessories.

Four black keys can be used to unlock the compartments. When dipped in water a key changes to a color that matches the compartment it unlocks.

  • Model Number:
  • HNF74
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