Spectra Vondergeist’s “Floating” Bed

The playset includes Spectra’s bed and a bed for her pet ferret, Rhuen.

The floating bed has a magenta mattress decorated with crisscrossed chains and a Skullette. The jagged hem is trimmed with translucent lavender chains and the bed “floats” with the help of translucent pedestals.

The headboard and footboard are black wrought iron with skull topped posts. The footboard has a built-in magenta TV with an image of a spooky house.

Translucent lavender chains hang from the headboard and a magenta skull rests at the top. A small candle also sits on the headboard.

Covering the bed is a blanket that has shades of pink and purple with a hoop and chain link print. The pillow has diagonal stripes of black and pink outlined in white.

Bed time accessories consist of a pink tombstone tablet, a purple sippy cup, and Spectra’s journal. Everything fits on a fuchsia breakfast tray with wrought iron designs.

Pet Bed
Rhuen’s bed is a basket formed by translucent lavender chains. The inside of the basket is magenta with a quilted bottom.

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  • Y7714
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