Stitched in Style Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein has long straight black hair, two streaks of white, and black & white striped bangs. Her pale green complexion is enhanced by blue and silver eyeshadow along with silver lips.

She wears a deconstructed dress with a sleeveless black bodice adorned with a tulle neckline. The billowy blue and black plaid skirt is complemented by under layers of blue and black tulle.

Accessories include a spiked headdress, twisted needle earrings, a spiked chain arm wrap, and lots of winding chains that end in scissors. On her feet are silver pumps adorned with sewing needle heels.

Included with Frankie is a doll stand.

From the box:

Frankie Stein is stitched together in a look that electrfies!
Stitching style with edge Frankie Stein stuns in a deconstructed couture gown that celebrates the timeless art of tailoring and dressmaking
Reminiscent of a dress mannequin, a halter bustier with top stitching is paired with a ruched overskirt with asymmetric layers of creeperific tulle accented with a dramatic chain. A gore-geous caged headdress with a crown of needles and matching chain bracelets creates high voltage fashion. Her look is finished with patchwork skulletos with a chic needle point heel. Elegant and electrifying, Frankie Stein is perfectly pulled together in a look that will have ghouls falling apart at the seams!

  • Model Number:
  • HRL66
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