Sweet 1600 Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen is sporting a wild, yet fancy, outfit for her BFF’s birthday party. She’s wearing a black tuxedo jacket, white shirt with black buttons, a purple bowtie, and purple gloves. Her purple leopard print pants have black & gold accents and a black & gold belt with a gold crescent moon buckle. The shoes are black and gold with fanged teeth as heels. Her purse is black & white with black buttons and fur handles.

Clawdeen’s gift for Draculaura is a black puff-sleeved dress with red stripes and white lace around the collar. The doll also has a coffin-shaped invitation with Skullette key, a black brush, and a black doll stand.

From the box:

I can't believe Draculaura is finally turning 1600! It's been scary fun planning the party and it's definitely going to be a howling good time. Her dress is totally haunt couture and she'll definitely be the center of attention. I'm so excited for her that this may be the first time I'll ever want to walk into a party and not have all eyes on me. Now if I can just get Clawd to relax. You'd think he'd never escorted a ghoul to her sweet 1600th birthday before ;)

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  • W9191
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