Sweet Screams Abbey Bominable

Abbey’s frightmare is an ice cream adventure. Her black & white streaked hair features pink and purple highlights. Decorating her hair is a purple headband tiara formed by dripping magenta ice cream and four black cones.

She is wearing a cute sleeveless dress with black straps and a white leatherette bodice adorned with a light blue dripping waffle cone pattern. The puffy purple skirt features a print of colorful sprinkles. Worn over the dress is a purple faux fur shawl.

Accessories begin with upside down ice cream cone earrings; one is magenta and the other is blue. Around her neck is a light blue waffle cone styled cut-out collar. Her belt is a dripping light blue cut-out like the collar but also has dripping black goo and a row of purple, magenta, black, and light blue skullettes. She wears long purple gloves with a winding magenta bracelet on one wrist and a light blue bracelet on the other.

On her feet are white fishnet knee-high socks and peep-toe heels formed by dripping black ice cream cones. One shoe has a light blue ice cream platform and magenta ice cream skullette scoop accents. The opposite shoe has a magenta platform and light blue ice cream skullette scoops. Her purse is a translucent purple ice cream float with a twisted straw-like handle.

With this Target exclusive is a brush, doll stand, and a Sweet Screams diary that tells the tale. Also included is Shiver, Abbey’s pet wooly mammoth who has been transformed into a translucent treat.

  • Model Number:
  • CBX45
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