Sweet Screams Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia’s frightmare experience is a gummy delight. Her hair is long, wavy, and streaked with varying shades of blue. In her hair is a translucent headband made up of a red gummy brain surrounded by wiggling green gummy worms and a gummy bear.

She is wearing a delightful dress that has a black striped bodice and mismatched dripping-style sleeves and collar. The collar is half red and half blue and one sleeve is red and the other is blue. The blue skirt has a colorful gummy worm print, an irregular dripping hem, and a blue tulle under layer.

Accessories consist of translucent blue gummy worm glasses with red accents, translucent red gummy worm earrings with blue tips, and a black necklace with black, red & blue beads. She also has a translucent green gummy worm wrist wrap, black gloves, and black, blue, and red beaded bracelets.

Around her waist is a translucent green gummy worm belt with red & blue dots and dripping blue goo. On her feet are peep-toe wedges with red gummy worm heels and translucent red & green gummy worms winding up her legs. Her purse is a translucent green & red gummy bear with a blue handle.

With this Target exclusive is a brush, doll stand, and a Sweet Screams diary that tells the tale. Also included is Sir Hoots-A-Lot, Ghoulia’s owl who has been transformed into a gummy treat.

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  • CBX46
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