The Coffin Bean

The Coffin Bean is where Monster High students like to go after school. This playset includes a barista counter, a dining area, and a lounge.

Barista Counter
The blue counter features the Coffin Bean logo and a black & purple canopy held aloft by ornate black pillars. Hanging from a pillar is a menu and an espresso machine sits on the counter.

A cake plus other sweet treats are on display and the shop’s raven can often be found sitting atop its Skullette perch.

Next to the counter is the purple pastry display with translucent windows and bony handles. Opening the doors reveals a tray of desserts and other pastries.

Dining Area
In the dining area is a high bar with two chairs. The coffin-shaped table has a translucent pink top with ornamental black legs. The pink & blue translucent chairs have skeletal features and black pedestals with spiderweb details.

The lounge features a purple clawfoot couch detailed with ornate black accents. Complementing the couch are a pair of eyeball pillows and an adorable cat.

In front of the couch is a table held up by a pair of clawed feet. The translucent tabletop has dripping edges and is etched with spiderwebs.

A wide variety of tasty treats are included with the playset. There are cakes, cupcakes, sundaes, drinks, and utensils.

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