Voltageous – Beast Freaky Friend Pink

The pink gore-geous ghoul has long mint green hair with streaks of blue and purple. Her makeup consists of purple and pink eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, and lavender lipstick. She stands 28 inches tall and has a button on the back of her head that when pressed will change the color and look of her eyes.

Her black dress has a shimmery purple collar and button stripe down the front. Both are trimmed with polka dot tulle which is also used for the short sleeves and peplum. Separating the bodice from the skirt is a light green ribbon with a purple belt. The asymmetrical skirt has a purple Skullette print and a shredded hem.

She accessorizes with a cat ear headband with gold hoop earrings, a colorful hair extension, gray cat-eye glasses, dangling purple Skullette earrings, and a purple heart-shaped mask. Turquoise ivy wraps or gray wrought iron wraps can decorate her legs. On her feet are purple pumps with swirled markings and removable gray covers with studs and chains.

Gargoyle wings can be attached to her back and there are a variety of tattoo-like stickers. Designs can be drawn on her body with the included pink marker and can be removed with a damp cloth.

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  • 55608
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