Voltageous – Beast Freaky Friend Skelita Calaveras

Skelita has long black hair with brown highlights. Her bony features are accentuated by light blue eyeshadow and red lipstick outlined in black. Dots surround her eyes and swirly designs and stitched decorate her face. She stands 28 inches tall and has a button on the back of her head that when pressed will change the color of her eyes.

Her lovely dress has a black halterneck top with pink and purple trim and a shimmery print of gray flowers and curled designs. The triple-layered skirt features colorful patches with drippy hems and adorable prints. Patch designs include spiders, stars, flowers, safety pins, skeletons, and Skullettes.

She accessorizes with a burnt orange statement necklace, a brown belt, and a bracelet. The belt and bracelet are etched with Skullette designs. On her feet are green wedge sandals with brown heels.

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  • 55622
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