Wave 1 Holt Hyde

Holt is wearing a fire-themed outfit to go with his fiery hair and blue skin. He is wearing a half black & half white sleeveless shirt under a red pleather jacket with gold stitching and trim. His pinstripe pants are purple & black with yellow & orange flames at the bottom. The black high-top sneakers have yellow laces, yellow soles, and skulls on the toes.

Accessories for his outfit include a yellow belt, black & orange headphones, orange shutter shades, and an orange turntable backpack with a black & white checkerboard flap. Also included with Holt is Crossfade, his pet chameleon, his diary, and a doll stand.

There are two different styles of packaging for Holt. The initial release has a box with a coffin shaped window. The later release has a wraparound window box. Both packages have the same model number.

  • Model Number:
  • V2324
  • Find this manster at

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