Wave 2 Clawdeen Wolf

Cleo is wearing a purple off-the-shoulder tiger print sweater with a pattern of gold leopard spots, teal straps, and thick yellow trim. Around her waist she has a wide teal belt with a double row of gold grommets. Her purple pants lead into black & purple knee high boots that are covered with gold zippers and feature gold fangs for heels.

Accessories for the outfit include a black & gold zipper choker, two gold hoop earrings in one ear, two gold hoop earrings connected by a chain in the other ear, and a black multi-finger ring with gold spikes. Her black oval purse has a black & gold shoulder strap and a flap covered with purple straps and gold buckles.

Also included with the doll is a purple & teal binder, a purple brush, purple doll stand, and Clawdeen’s diary.

  • Model Number:
  • V7990
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