Wave 2 Draculaura & Clawd Wolf 2-Pack

Draculaura looks fabulous in her multi-patterned dress. It has white with pink hearts on top, a pink bow, puffy white sleeves with pink cuffs, and black in front with yellow buttons and pink & yellow crisscrosses. The rest of the dress is pink with black mesh frills along the hems of the double-layered skirt.

Under the dress she wears yellow tights with pink polka dots. Her pink & black pumps have yellow soles and stacked pink buttons for heels.

Draculaura accessorizes with yellow earrings that have dangling red & black bats. She also has an open parasol with a pink bow on top, a pink center canopy, and a black spiderweb outer canopy. Her purse is black, coffin-shaped, and has a pink heart on the side.

Clawd is wearing a white button-down shirt with gold buttons and gold crossbones under a gold vest with a white collar. His black jeans lead into a pair of scuffed gold work boots with black laces and soles.

Accessories for the outfit include a teal cap, a teal scarf with black dots, a teal belt with gold buckle, a gold earring, and a gold watch. He also has his pet gargoyle bulldog, Rockseena.

Included with the dolls is a teal doll stand, a pink doll stand, a pink brush, and the diaries of Draculaura and Clawd. This 2-pack is sometimes referred to as “Forbitten Love” because of a blurb on the box.

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  • V7961
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