Wave 4 Venus McFlytrap

Venus is sporting a black t-shirt with a yellow & pink collage that includes skullettes, hearts, “eco punk”, and other designs. Over the tee is a sleeveless jean jacket with yellow stitching and a pink & yellow image of a skullette with “eco punk”. Under the short black skirt are pink, black & yellow capri leggings. Each of her pink boots have green ivy laces and a large mouth full of green teeth.

Accessories include three hook-like earrings in one ear, a dangling green vine in the other, and a variety of green vine adornments. Around her neck is a vine necklace, vines on each forearm, and vines wrapped around her calves. Her canvas tote bag has a pattern of three images: “I”, a heart, and a skullette shaped Earth. Venus’s very long and straight hair is pink with green streaks.

Extras for the doll consist of a brush, doll stand, her diary, and Chewlian, her pet venus flytrap.

  • Model Number:
  • X3651
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