Welcome to Monster High – Photo Booth Ghouls Draculaura

Draculaura has long pink hair with streaks of black. It is pulled into a ponytail and embellished by black hat with a spiderweb Skullette decoration. Her makeup features pink eyeshadow, pink eyeliner, a red heart around her left eye, red lipstick, and a red heart on her left cheek.

Her black dress has pink straps, a sweetheart neckline, and a white print with check patterned bats connected by strings of dots. The tulle overskirt layers are asymmetrical with serrated hems. There is a pink layer and a black layer with a metallic pink print.

She accessorizes with pink spiderweb swirl earrings and a hard pink neck piece with flared shoulders, flared collar, and a heart cutout at the chest. She wears black painted gloves with pink hearts and on her feet are black spiderweb pumps with winged heart accents.

Three party accessories are included with Draculaura. There is a pink “Monster High” speech bubble, a blue Skullette mask, and a purple masquerade mask with spider designs. A doll stand is not included.

From the box:

Once upon a tomb, monsters unlived in hiding... afraid they would be in danger if humans new they existed. But Draculaura and her ghoulfriends dreamt of a school where everyone was welcome, and a world where monsters and humans could co-exist. All went frightfully well, until Moanica - a zombie with her own horrific agenda - snatched popstar Ari and tried to take over the school! Now, the ghouls must save Ari and take back Monster High... in time for the big dance!

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  • DNX33
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