Amanita Nightshade

Amanita is a sight to behold with her stunning features and amazing ensemble. Her curly hair is dark purple with hints of blue and her skin is a wonderful luminous green.

She is wearing a semi-sheer lavender dress with frilly sleeves, black shoulder guards, a frilly black lace neckline, and two black bands around the waist. The skirt transitions from lavender to a green and black floral print with a jagged hem. The print features leaves with prickly ivy and is accentuated by strips of purple lace ruffles.

Under the dress is a tube top and miniskirt. The top is green with a leafy black ivy print and the skirt is black leatherette.

Black accessories consist of a Corpse Flower hair clip, dangle earrings, a vine necklace, and a spiked bangle. On her feet are black peep-toe pumps with leaf straps and flower bulb heels. Complementing the shoes are green vine anklets with purple flower accents. Her black purse features a floral design and a vine shoulder strap.

Included with Amanita is a brush, doll stand, iCoffin phone, a purple modeling portfolio with her headshot, and her diary.

From the box:

Killer Style: Amanita Nightshade's carefully cultivated look makes every other flower in the garden of style look like a weed by comparison. It isn't as if they are lacking in color, but their arrangement appears merely budding when planted next to Amanita's full bloom of fashion. Favorite Activity: Amanita loves being adored and celebrated for her inherent beauty - both inside and out. Freaky Flaw: Amanita believes there's nothing so wonderful as the sound of her own melodic voice, but there are many who feel that perhaps their voices are equally important. Amanita spent many years pondering this and yet still sees little merit in the argument. Pet: Amanita has an adoring maggot that is die-ring as both pet and accessory.

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  • CKP50
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