Abbey Bominable’s Bed

Abbey is always cozy and comfy in her translucent bed carved out of a block of ice. The shimmery bed has a tufted ice mattress and an igloo headboard. The edge of the igloo is adorned with white icicles and the top has a white skull with earmuffs. On each side of the headboard are frozen trees with snowflakes on the branches. At the foot of the bed is an ice TV with snowboarding on the screen.

Bedding consists of a pink pillow decorated with white snowflakes and a blanket. The blanket features a black, pink, and blue mosaic pattern with diagonal white icicle stripes.

Accessories for the playset include a translucent green alarm clock, a translucent pink snowflake lamp, a frozen drink in a purple mug, a pen, and a journal. There is also a small purple pet bed with white lining that is for Shiver, Abbey’s baby woolly mammoth.

  • Model Number:
  • Y0403
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