Art Class Robecca Steam

Robecca’s hair is black & blue with streaks of purple. She’s wearing a purple striped shirt with short puffy sleeves and two buttons on the front. Her black high-waist suspender skirt is decorated with a shimmery print of interconnected purple, blue, and silver wires, gears, and skullette sprockets. The suspenders are shiny blue and the hem is adorned with purple tulle.

Accessories consist of dangling copper clock earrings and copper welding goggles with a bow on top. On her feet are blue knee high boots with many rows of studded straps, copper platforms, and copper heels.

To create a metalworking masterpiece, Robecca has an old copper blowlamp. She has designed a robotic clock with a copper face. The mismatched creation has a copper leg, silver leg, silver arm, gold arm, and a gold crank. Also included with the doll is a brush, doll stand, and her art class journal.

  • Model Number:
  • BDD79
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