Robecca Steam

Robecca is kind, polite, and friendly, but has a tendency to be late due to a defect in her construction. She is a robot who was created by the mad scientist Hexiciah Steam. Her pet penguin, Captain Penny, is a mechanical being just like her.

Releases: 12, (E) = Exclusive, (R) = Reissue

Art Class Robecca Steam

Coffin Bean Robecca Steam

Dance Class 5-Pack
(2013) (E) (R)

Dance Class Robecca Steam

Dead Tired Robecca Steam

Freaky Fusions Dracubecca

Ghoul’s Alive! Robecca Steam

Gore-geous Accessories Robecca Steam

Original Ghouls Minis Robecca Steam

Robecca Steam & Hexiciah Steam 2-Pack
(2016) (E)

Sporty Monsters Minis Robecca Steam

Wave 4 Robecca Steam

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