Casketball Champ Venus Mcflytrap

Venus has long pink and green hair that is pulled into a high twisted ponytail. Her light green complexion is complemented by blue eyes, light gray eyeshadow, and pink lips with prickly fangs.

She is wearing a pink jumper with polka dots under a cropped black mesh jersey with the Monster High emblem and a blue neckline. On her feet are pink peep-toe boots with serrated soles and claw heels.

She accessorizes with silver wrist cuffs. To recuperate, the doll has a pink sippy cup and a green towel.

The casketball net is purple with a green and white backboard that has teeth and “Monster High”. They sit upon a purple octopus-like pole that has suckers and squirmy tentacles at the base. Also included is a blue ball.

  • Model Number:
  • DXY08
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