Casta Fierce

Casta has long black hair with a streak of orange and purple down the center. It is styled with a big front puff and the rest pulled to the back. Her skin is light green with a mole above her lip and a gold beauty mark under one eye.

She is wearing a sleeveless glittery dress with an orange bodice that transitions to purple. The bottom of the dress has a flared trim made of glittery black mesh that is accentuated by a wide black belt with a silver buckle and studs. Over the dress is an ultra-cropped black leatherette jacket with puffy orange mesh sleeves.

Accessories consist of a silver studded ball earrings, a black mesh arm warmer, a silver bracelet, and two studded purple bangles. On her shoulders is a black harness with a neck collar, arm cuffs, and studded straps over her puffy sleeves. Her purple high heel boots boots are decorated with studs and straps with silver studs and buckles.

Included with Casta is her concert program, a black brush, a shiny purple microphone, and her broom. The broom has shiny purple bristles and a silver handle adorned with a black ribbon and a thinner orange ribbon with buckles. The broom can be used as a microphone stand.

From the box:

Name Casta Fierce Age: 19 Monster Parents: Daughter of Circe Killer Style: I like lots of buckles and straps crisscrossed over black and purple fashions splashed with glitter. Freaky Flaw: I have to make sure to work the lyrics of my songs in just the right way, or I run the risk of turning my audience into... well... let's just say frogs don't usually ask for an encore. Pet: I can't have a pet because I don't think I could stand being constantly asked, "Oh, how cute... was this a fan of yours?" Favorite School Subject: When I was in school, it was drama. I could always play and sing, but drama class taught me how to be an entertainer. It's also where I learned the spellcial effects and flyrotechnics I use in my concerts. Favorite Color: Black and purple. Favorite Food: Tomatoes and monsterella cheese with balsamic vinegrrr. BFF's: Catty Noir, Operetta Once a year on Alll Hallows Eve, Casta Fierce and her band perform a concert. It is the most exclusive ticket in the monster world, and this year they have chosen Monster High as their concert venue.

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  • CFV34
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